About me

My name’s Gosia and I’m the author of "Gosia's Food 'n' Lifestyle" blog in which I share my passion for cooking and baking. 
I am an amateur cook training to become a professional chef. I live and study in Poznań, Poland but I spend a few months a year abroad working in different restaurants. I love travelling to other counties, checking out authentic eateries and learning other cultures. That inspires me to incorporate new ingredients and create interesting recipes.
I believe that making food from scratch is the best way to take care of our own health and those whom we love. Nowadays food from supermarkets is full of chemicals, additives and artificial flavours. Besides, we work a lot and often choose ready-made meals. Eating out can be a great way to discover new flavours and ideas, however on everyday basis it's a really good idea to make food at home. It's not only healthier but also more delicious. Once you get used to it, you won't believe that before you chose frozen pizza or microwaveable spaghetti.
Enjoy trying out my recipes and cook at home!


Gosia :)  

P.S. I'm a big dog lover and my Maltese- Mr Darcy always accompanies me when I cook at home.